Information on the next Revenge Run Film!!!

Everyone remembers last year when I was hanging out of the truck bed filming any and everything. I still plan to do that this year, but I also wanted to ride. So Tim and Matt came up with a killer idea to help add a dimension to the film and allow me to ride some.

Everyone has a GoPro or an iPhone nowadays. So the idea is this: Film you and your crew preparing for the run and then film you on the run itself. I will have my Macbook with me along with an external hard drive to dump footage to. If you can hold a camera steady for 3 seconds, especially while riding, there's a good chance you will be in the film. 

This will hopefully add another dimension to the film and let us get to know some of you we only see through instagram.

If you have any questions leave it in the comments here or get at me on instagram @drifting_dyna. As always, the film will be free, and hopefully feature more of all the riders this year...

A few pointers: hold the camera steady, hold the camera steady, hold the camera steady....easy, right!


The Magic Touch Massage Parlor

Last Sunday I got a text from Billy that said he had two or so hours and wanted to ride. My house was full of family and I wanted a break. We were the only two in town, as everyone else was up at the timonium swap.

We started out at OG Gator's shop where Billy was trying to dial in his front end. My Dyna was in no condition to ride because of some cosmetic BS I am doing, so Billy let me grab his evo chop and he rode his shovel.

At some point I was riding behind Billy and saw something come off his bike. It bounced up in the road and hit me in the leg. I flagged Billy down and we pulled off at the first place we could find. It happened to be the "Magic Touch Massage Parlor" which apparently has an all girl staff.

The owner was nice enough to come out and offer us tools and said we could come warm up inside. We declined. Turns out the bolt that flew off the bike was a header bolt and it's a good thing we stopped. Billy got it fixed up with the help of April and we were back on the road.

 I can't wait til this bike is mine. I love it.
 Repost from my instagram, I know, but I like this pic.


This weekend

So stoked to see everyone I could sing!!! With Kyle and billy as back up vocalists. See y'all soon



We made it

You guys got me in the top 12!!!! Thank you !!!