Another Revenge Run under our belts...

First off, we'd like to thank everybody that came out this year and rode with us! We saw a lot of new people this year, as well as a lot of old familiar faces.

Secondly, special thanks to all who pushed through the chaos of Friday night (due to break downs and other issues, we didn't have time to raffle or party that night...we were setting our tents up at 11:00pm...), and braved the intermittent rain showers the rest of the weekend. There was still a big group left Saturday night, and we were able to have a good time. Colby cooked up a ton of burgers and dogs and fed everybody for free, and we raffled off a bunch of good stuff at Howard's Pub. We can't control the weather, but we can control decisions to continue having fun.

Daniel was able to get a ton of good footage, and many of you also gave him your footage, which he is hard at work editing right now. I will be adding photos to the PICTURES tab on the Revenge Run Blog as soon as I can, so feel free to email me any you'd like me to post as well. Big thanks to Howard Tarpey for the photos below, and you can find more of his talented ass at Get Ridiculous. You can also find a shitload of cool pics on Instagram by searching the hashtag #revengerun4.

Thanks again to all of you, we had a blast, and if you didn't, that's on you...

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Anonymous said...

I rode 1000 miles in the rain to go to this run and I'm glad I did. Met a ton of cool ass people and the bikes were rad as fuck.
I'm the guy who had a camera on his shoulder and was taking pictures of everyone on that train of bikes as well as everywhere else. I uploaded a ton of pics to Meancycles.com/events so go know yourselves out. I will e-mail a few to you guys so you can share them here as well.
Thanks again to Matt for the last minute registration!