Revenge Run Recap and Film Info

these are some screen grabs from the videos I have. To make a long story short, this year was challenging to film, but I didn't sweat it because I knew many of you were filming with your gopros and dslrs. some of you have gotten me the footage, some of you are trying to.

if you want to get it into the film, email me at malvistaproductions@gmail.com and ill send you a dropbox invite. you can upload it there.

many thanks to those who shot. footage looks great and it's from everywhere, shawn zinn and dalton st. john had killer shots of their rides up from florida and south carolina, shane eastwood and josh rising had great stuff from their ride from danville, virginia and josh hoffman shot some great stuff of the hooked mc crew with his gopro until the housing snap broke, the front facing fell open and the brand new gopro fell out of its housing and got smashed by an 18 wheeler. So far gopro is saying operator error. I say bullshit. I've had issues with their housings before. If it was a housing issue why would it have been fine for 30 min of filming then pop open? By the way it was a gopro3 with the fancy new snap on its housing, so theres no way he can just "accidentally" open it. If you want to help Josh get another gopro give gopro an email at support@gopro.com and tell them they should replace their faulty housing and camera....

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